Secrets of a Tabloid Reporter


Secrets of a Tabloid Reporter
My Twenty Years on the National Enquirer’s Hollywood Beat

by Barbara Sternig

This is the first book ever written to detail exactly what happens in the inner sanctum offices of the National Enquirer, and in Hollywood on the famous and infamous tabloid’s outrageous Hollywood beat. One of the paper’s most veteran reporters, Barbara Sternig here reveals exactly how, over two decades, she went about getting those amazing inside stories about the biggest stars in the world, including Frank Sinatra and Da Boys. Learn here, in lively and often-hilarious detail, just how one fearless girl reporter met the challenges of a very difficult job. And here, learn answers to the two questions most-asked of her during and after her Enquirer tenure:
– Is any of that stuff true?
– How do you get that stuff?

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